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AP-PFL Registration Details

Registration:   AP-PFL
Certificate of Registration Number:   762
Registration Date:   April 8, 2008
Operator/Owner:   Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (PFL)
Aircraft Type:   Cessna 525B Citation CJ3
Construction Number:   525B-0131
Line Number:    
Year Built:   2007
SelCal Code:    
First Flight:    
Test Flight Registration:    
Delivery Date:    
Aircraft Name:    
Previous Registration:   N30UD
Previous Operator:    
Next Registration:   AP-ESL
Next Operator:    
Additional Remarks:   Construction number 525B-0131. Built in 2007, Cessna Aircraft Company, February 1, 2007. To Pilot International Inc., March 20, 2008. Registered in United States of America (USA) as N30UD for Pilot International Inc., on March 24, 2008. Aircraft ferried to Pakistan. Registration N30UD cancelled on April 3, 2008. Aircraft exported to Pakistan. Aircraft registered in Pakistan as AP-PFL for Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (PFL). Pakarab Fertilizers Limited (PFL) is aircraft owner hence customized registration AP-PFL. Pakistan CAA recently began allowing customized registration for additional payment. Registered in Pakistan as AP-ESL.

Cessna 525B Citation CJ3

Cessna 525B Citation CJ3  (Copyright Aroosh Naqvi)


Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 (registration AP-PFL)





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